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Planning a visit or a relaxing time in our valley is an excellent opportunity to stay in our hotel, which is located in Tirano, in the valley floor of Valtellina, on the Swiss border.

Located at an altitude of 450 metres above sea level. also ideal for children and the elderly, Tirano is an ideal starting point for pleasant nature walks or funny cycling excursions, or for visits of historical and cultural interest – for example Sertoli Salis Palace in Tirano or Besta Palace in Teglio – both in Valtellina and in the near Switzerland; our staff will be able to recommend which routes to choose, providing you with all the information you need to spend peaceful and enjoyable days.

Try the typical dishes of Valtellina, including the famous pizzoccheri, which go well with the wines of our area, much appreciated by wine experts all over the world. Furthermore, it is exactly from Tirano that one can set off on the famous and surprising trip with the Bernina Red Train to St. Moritz, reaching an altitude of 2,250 metres and offering tourists fairytale scenery in both summer and winter.

The Madonna

of Tirano

The Basilica of the Madonna of Tirano is one of the symbols of the Adda Valley. It was built in the early 16th century, after the Blessed Virgin appeared to Mario Homodeo on 29 September 1504.

Inside the Basilica, among other works, it is possible to admire the monumental 17th century organ, made by the carver Giuseppe Bulgarini, which is striking for its grandeur and the care devoted to every elaborate detail of the masterpiece.

Nell'immagine il paesaggio della Valtellina in primavera. In primo piano un prato verde e fiorito. Sullo sfondo le montagne


in Valtellina

The Valtellina is famous everywhere for its excellent food and wine, among which the well-known pizzoccheri that together with the bresaola, chiscioi, sciat, Bitto, Casera and Scimudin cheeses, and the wines produced in this valley – among the best known Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, Sfursat and Valgella – represent the most appreciated genuine and delicious specialities of our land.

A tour of the Valtellina wine cellars and typical local restaurants, recommended by our staff, will make an unforgettable stay in this valley.

Nella foto vengono mostrati alcuni dei piatti tipici della Valtellina e due calici di vino.


and sport

Our valley is particularly popular with nature and sports lovers for the many opportunities it offers: exciting mountain bike tours or tours and excursions of easy, medium or serious difficulty, for children, beginners or mountain lovers who can reach the panoramic refuges in our mountains from Tirano.

It is also possible to visit the wonderful natural parks: the Alpine Eco-Fauna Observatory, the Pian di Gembro Nature Reserve and the Park of Rock Engravings in Grosio. A wide choice of walks to spend pleasant days or to practise sport… whatever your preference, our staff are on hand to provide information and suggestions.

Nell'immagine una famiglia composta da mamma, papà e due bambini. Sono seduti mentre ammirano il panorama e trascorrono del tempo insieme.


Red Train

A holiday in Tirano means having the opportunity to take a spectacular trip on board one of the world’s most famous trains: the Red Train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2010.

Two and a half hours of emotions, surprises and wonders: arriving at an altitude of over 2250 metres on the Bernina Pass, passing the helical viaduct of Brusio, skirting Lake Poschiavo, Alp Grüm and finally reaching St. Moritz, the pearl of the Engadine. It is the highest Alpine crossroads in Europe and one of the steepest natural grip railways in the world… a journey definitely worth enjoying.

Nell' immagine si mostra il paesaggio innevato della Valtellina. Tra la valle innevata passa il trenino rosso del Bernina.
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